Hypersensitivities Are Real

Hypersensitivities For Dummies

Clear explanations about allergies and hypersensitivities,
so you won’t be caught unaware

Exactly what are hypersensitivities?

Hypersensitivity Triggers and Reactions: What’s the difference?

Hypersensitivities: The big picture

Hypersensitivities and Autoimmune Diseases: What’s the Difference?

Hypersensitivities vs. Allergies: What’s the Confusion?

They Found Me On the Living-Room Floor


Stories About Hypersensitives

Easy-to-read stories about allergies and hypersensitivities and how to identify them.

Hypersensitives: men and women suffering from hypersensitivities

Are you hurting your aging parent?

Are Hypersensitives sick?

Can your hypersensitivities kill you?Hypersensitivities Are Real

The scariest hypersensitivity: Stevens Johnson Syndrome