Hypersensitivities For Dummies

  • What you really need to know about hypersensitivities
  • Clear, simple explanations, so you won’t be caught unaware

They Found Me On the Living-Room Floor

Exactly what are hypersensitivities?

Hypersensitivity Triggers and Reactions: What’s the difference?

Hypersensitivities: The big picture

Hypersensitivity reactions and autoimmune diseases: What’s the difference?


Stories About Hypersensitives

Do you hurt or itch, and no doctor can tell you why? You may have hypersensitivities.

These stories educate about hypersensitivities and allergies and how to identify them. A story is a great way to learn something.

Hypersensitives: men and women suffering from hypersensitivities

Are you hurting your aging parent?

Are Hypersensitives sick?

Can your hypersensitivities kill you?

The scariest hypersensitivity: Stevens Johnson Syndrome