Jean M. Bradt, Ph.D. [pronounced BROT]

Dr. Bradt (Jean) took a walk with her father when she was four years old—through a field of timothy and alfalfa grasses. That’s when she found out she had severe allergic hypersensitivities. Those and other hypersensitivities would follow her throughout her life.

In her twenties Jean—oh so trusting—started a course of desensitization shots to stop her allergies. The nurse accidentally overdosed her with allergy serum. Huge hives covered her body, and she lost consciousness. She was brought back from near-death with an epinephrine shot.

So then, did she feel as if she had a new lease on life? No, she did not. She felt as if she’d better learn to be more careful, in order to counteract all the carelessness she was encountering.

At the age of forty, she earned a Ph.D. in psychology at Loyola University of Chicago.

“Piece of cake,” you may think. OK, you try earning a Ph.D. while sneezing violently, struggling to breathe, and itching relentlessly all the while!

After discovering that she was hypersensitive to marijuana, migraine medicine, and albacore tuna, Dr. Bradt taught psychology at the college level for eight years. She retired and took up  writing. She is a published  writer of fictional stories but has now switched to nonfiction.

She continues to discover new hypersensitivities. Now she has a website where she writes about hypersensitivities.

Age: 70. Single and available. Severely allergic to all sorts of smoke. Cannot under any circumstances get close to a smoker or ex-smoker.

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