Your doctor can’t explain hypersensitivities to you?

The Hypersensitivity Lady can.

Sensitivities (usual and expected)

  • Allergy pollen makes you sneeze
  • You itch when you wear wool on a hot day
  • You get carsick with bad drivers

Hypersensitivities (very rare)

  • Allergy pollen causes a scary rash
  • You can’t wear wool at all
  • You get carsick with good drivers

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What is Putin up to?

Putin is meeting with Trump and getting us all excited. Is he trying to distract us? From what?

What is Putin up to?
He’s got us debating and arguing: Is Trump a traitor? But is that the real issue?

What is Putin up to?
He’s quietly aiming for control of the Middle East and its oil interests. Nowadays, you don’t conquer with bombs. You conquer with money.

What is Putin up to?
I don’t know. The media aren’t covering it. They’re covering Trump.

What is Putin up to? Maybe the answer is here: