Opening a Tight Soda Bottle: A Psychologist’s Approach

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Are you plagued by the curse of the soda bottle that won’t open? Do your friends give you advice, like this:

To get a tight cap off a soda bottle, run the cap under hot water.

This doesn’t work if, for safety, your water heater doesn’t heat water to a high enough temperature.

Buy a jar lid gripper (non-slip rubber pad), or use a dish towel or rubber glove.

It doesn’t work if the bottle is wet with the hot water you tried first. For some people, it never works.

Firmly hold the bottle of water in your hand and hit the cap against a hard surface.

Sure, if you like soda with no bubbles in it. Bleahh! Brute force destroys carbonation.

Tap the lid with a spoon.

This never worked for me.

Get a friend to help you.

Every day? Suppose your friend is sleeping. Suppose your friend is away on vacation. Suppose you just don’t like constantly depending on someone else.

How do you open the bottle yourself? A Psychologist’s Solution

  1. Don’t refrigerate the bottle until after you have gotten it open. (Then, if you want, tighten the opened bottle gently but well enough to prevent loss of carbonation, and put it in the refrigerator to cool.)
  1. Get out your grip pad and wrap it around the cap.
  1. Adopt a firm stance.
  1. Grasp the pad and cap, with your bottle-opening hand. If you haven’t developed a bottle-opening hand yet, use your strongest hand.
  1. Think of the person(s) you have been absolutely the most furious with lately (or maybe not-so-lately.)
  1. Wait a moment for your anger to build.
  1. Slam that cap off that bottle.(If this works for you, please click “Wow!” on Facebook, or email “wow” to
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